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Seven Days Of Falling

Strange Place For Snow

Their Greatest Hits

Bravo Pour Le Clown-Französisc

Musik Zu Peer Gynt

Immer Da Wo Du Bist Bin Ich Nie

Ella Fitzgerald

Like Someone In Love

Ella swings lightly

Elle Fitzgerald & Louis Armstromng

Ella Fitzgerald Und Louis Armstrong

Vol. 1-Works


Engerling Live 1994

Rock Aus Deutschland Ost


Save The World

Get Onboard

Diamond Days


Wicked Man

The Eric Burdon Story:gold Col

My Secret Life

Greatest Hits

Best Of Eric Burdon & War

Me And Mr.Johnson


Time Pieces

Just One Night

Riding With The King

The A.R.M.S.Benefit London Concert

Eric Clapton and the Yardbirds Live with Sonny Boy Williamson

Live At Blues Alley

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